Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?​

I am currently located on Guam. April 2020 we will be moving to LAS VEGAS! As always I am willing to travel.

Do you work with same-sex couples?

Of course. All are welcome here.

How much do you charge and what is included?

All of the answers to this question have been laid out for you here. If you have more questions or would like further clarification just ask me here.

Could you quote me for just a few images?

 I do not offer pricing for single images because I think its important to provide an experience and want to have the time an attention needed to create images you deserve. 


What time do sessions start?

All portrait sessions (except birth, indoor, real estate, or branding) will take place an hour prior to sunset, exact time is determined by the time of the year. but approximately between 5-630 is when most sessions take place on Guam. A big part of creating images that match my ideal style and look require the light that is produced at that "golden hour".

How long does a session take?

All timelines are indicated on the package of your choice but I ask all clients to arrive 15 minutes prior to our session time to ensure we have time to get ready and acquainted without cutting into our shooting time. Because I shoot using natural light only it is crucial we start on time especially with sunset sessions, if you arrive late for example, when the sun is gone our session is over whether our time is officially up or not.


Will you help us pose?

My style of shooting is more candid and organic than a traditional photographer that does a lot of posing. I will guide you and prompt interactions if I feel like you need help but I like interaction and connection with my clients so stiff posing just doesn't work. I will not let you stand awkwardly and help you create authentic reactions and movement.

Will you choose our location?

If you have a spot in mind that you love I am all for it. But if like most you have no idea where you want your session to take place I am happy to guide you to venues I think will work best for the overall look you are hoping for.


What should we wear?

This is super important ! The clothes you choose for your session will make your images. I love to help my clients curate the perfect ensemble! I now offer a wardrobe styling service called Style and Select. When you book I will send you a link and help you every step of the way. Carefully chosen complementary outfits that aren't too matchy can make for the most beautiful images so if you are wanting help PLEASE ask I would love to help you plan! Good rule of thumb is no big bold pattern, no neon, avoid all black, nothing too restrictive, nothing you wouldn't normally wear. In the meantime check out this Pinterest board for inspiration.

Will I get all the images shot?

You will not receive every image shot, I offer a minimum number of images to expect for each session but often give more than that. I will not withhold any of the "good ones" to keep for myself. I want all of the images you receive to be up to my artistic and professional standards so those left out are just the ones that didn't make the cut.

Will you photoshop me?

I do minor retouching to remove an unfortunate zit or smooth out blemish but I do not do major editing to alter anyones appearance. Major edit requests will come with an extra cost.

What if its raining on the day of our session?

I am happy to reschedule portrait sessions if it is raining too hard to shoot. Weddings and events are generally rain or shine but I will address all of these types of things on a case by case basis. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Sporadically I will offer promotions throughout the year. I have a loyalty program that honors those who choose to work with me on a regular basis. For more info check here

How long does it take to get our gallery?

Portrait sessions will take 2-4 weeks unless otherwise discussed. Weddings and other large events will take 4-8 weeks. Timelines will be discussed so you know what to expect. Rush edits are made upon request at an additional cost.

Where can I find samples of your Birth Session work?

I will happily send a link to a gallery of sample images to those who are wishing to see birth sessions. I do not post them publicly on this site due to their intimate nature. Send me a message here if you'd like a link to the private gallery.

Is there a deposit required?

All sessions require a retainer fee to be paid in order to secure the session date. Unless otherwise agreed upon the retainer is 50% of the session cost. 

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